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Scratchr UK SMS Gateway

Scratchr operate a free SMS gateway known as Darmowa Bramka directly from our homepage. The gateway allows anyone with access to the Internet to send an SMS message to any UK mobile phone number (beginning “07”) absolutely free of charge.

This is useful if you need to contact someone over text message but don’t have any credit left on your PAYG sim card or contract phone. There are also many other uses for our SMS gateway, such as integrating the ability to send SMS through an app or other device. For example, you could set up your PC to monitor your Wi-Fi security camera and when it detects motion, it could make an API call to Scratchr to alert you of the incident by sending a text message through our gateway.

For software developers the options are really limitless. One recent app on the Play Store uses our SMS gateway to remind its users of important events. For example you could tell the app to remind you that it’s your wife’s birthday and a few days before the big event the app will send you a text message through the Scratchr SMS gateway to remind you to buy her a present.

Many of our Polish visitors, some living in the UK have told us that using Scratchr’s Dawmowa Bramka has been a real game changer for them and allowed them to keep in touch with friends and family over text message from all over the world. Many think that due to the rise of messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, WeChat and ICQ that there’s no need to be sending SMS message any more. Well, we can state as fact that this is absolutely not the case. You can check out our stats and see for yourself the real-time volume of SMS messages being sent and received by our SMS gateway. We’re not just talking high volumes over the course of a month or a quarter but substantial volumes of free text messages being sent and received every day either through the Scratchr homepage directly or through the SMS bramka API.

If you’re ready to try sending an SMS right now then just head back to the Scratchr home page and fill in the form to get started.

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