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Free Text to BT Mobile - Mobile Operator for Business

BT Mobile is a quite unique mobile operator. Since they launched, BT Mobile have only offered mobile services to small, medium, and large businesses through their business mobile packages. BT offer mobile services in a few different packages with different rates and bonuses.

Talk Time Solo
With this package you have the option of either simply getting the BT Talk Time Solo SIM card which will cost you anything from £15 a month and you will get 500 MB to 2 GB data, 500 unlimited UK texts, also 500 unlimited UK minutes, OR you can buy a phone with its perks included through these packages:
Platinum Plus
The price for this package is starting from £35 per month. You will get 2 GB of UK data, unlimited UK minutes and texts, and also free unlimited Wi-Fi using Android.
Starting from £30 a month you will receive the same services as the Platinum Plus package however the data is limited to 1 GB.
With this package you will get free unlimited BT Wi-Fi using Android, 500 MB of data, and 500 UK minutes and texts. This package is offered starting from £25 per month.
If you only have a limited monthly budget, you can try the Budget package from £17.50 a month. This package will provide you with free BT Wi-Fi, 500 MB of UK data, also 500 UK minutes and texts.
Talk Time Sharer
This is a pretty cool package that could be customisable to meet the needs of your specific mobile phone. This package enables you to share minutes and texts with several users anytime you need. The coverage area includes the Republic of Ireland and the rest of the European Union. 5 million hotspots are provided for the users to enjoy free BT Wi-Fi. This package comes with several bundles you can choose from. The cheapest bundle costs £25 for a one year contract and you'll get 250 SMS and 500 minutes. The most expensive package is offered at the rate of £3,100 which will provide you with 50,000 SMS and 100,000 minutes. There's also Voice Services, Text Services, Email and Internet packages that you can choose as an addition to the above services.
Mobile Workforce Solutions
This plan works best for huge organisations. The Mobile Workforce Solutions package is designed to boost your mobile workforce productivity while helping you to reduce your expenses. It will provide software, hardware and services that are totally customisable.

After a long time providing mobile services for small, medium and large business, it looks like BT Mobile is starting to show their interest in providing services for regular customers. In late 2013, they signed a contract with EE, one of the biggest mobile network services in the UK. EE has a huge coverage and they even offer 4G connectivity which is kind of a huge trend at the moment amongst smartphone users.

So who knows, probably in a short time BT Mobile will start selling their mobile services to regular individual customers, after all, more and more people today are ditching their home phones and switching to mobile, so this is a lucrative growing market for any mobile service provider.

If you know someone who's a customer of BT Mobile, remember that you can use scratchr.org to send them a text message over the Internet. BT Mobile users may have massive allowances of minutes and texts but we know that you probably don't and we're here to help.

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