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Delight Mobile - A Mobile Operator With An Interesting Pricing Model

Delight Mobile is owned by Mundio Mobile, which is also the parent company that own Vectone. Just like Vectone that's already running all over the EU, Delight is also expanding their customer base aggressively within the EU. Today their service is available in the UK, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Sweden, and Netherlands.

However, unlike Vectone, they have a quite unique pricing that sometimes could be misleading. Delight Mobile set their standard prices relatively high for a virtual network but that's because they have the triple credit offer which makes the rate actually very reasonable. With the triple credit offer, you actually need to divide all the quoted prices by three to get the actual rate that you’ll be charged. Many people think that Delight Mobile is charging extremely high prices even though their prices are actually amongst the lowest available in the UK.

For UK voice calls the rate is 8.3p per minute, 3p for SMS per text, 5p per minute for voicemail, and 25p for MMS. They also offer an excellent deal on mobile data with a free allowance and the rate of 10p per MB.

Seeing that there are too many people who cannot understand their pricing, Delight Mobile is now changing their pricing strategy. Now their pricing is not so much different than Vectone their sister company. They will even offer the same bonus of free calls and texts for 4 weeks every time you top up for at least £10. However, the negative point about this new pricing scheme is today we practically don't see any difference between Delight and Vectone anymore. It seems that these are practically the same provider operating under two different business names.

Aside from the confusion, Delight Mobile is offering great savings if you compare their prices with other major mobile networks. With Delight Mobile, you will get 60 minutes plus voice calls (more or less considering it is used to contact landline on mobile), more than 40 texts, free 10 MB data every day, also 4 weeks free calls and texts Delight to Delight. If you compare that to the pricing offered by a bigger virtual network like T-Mobile for example you can see a significant difference. For the same £10 top up with T-Mobile you will only get 40 minutes of voice calls and 28 texts. Also you will only get a few MMS while you can get twice as much with Delight.

Being a virtual network with very competitive pricing and wide coverage, Delight Mobile also have some negative points. Delight has a quite poor customer care which is actually a very important part of any company. There are so many complaints being reported from people who didn't get any response when they claimed to be overcharged. Some others are complaining about the customer service representatives being rude.

Aside from all that, Delight Mobile is still a mobile service provider that's worth considering if you want to save money on your mobile bill.

London, WC1N 4MF