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Dialog Vizz - Cheap calls and free texts

Dialog Vizz - Sri Lankan Operator in UK That Offers Great Deals

Dialog Vizz was born from the coalition of Dialog and QiComm, two well-known Sri Lankan mobile operators that have a wide marketing range and also have offices in many places around the world.

It was first introduced in the UK market in January 2011 targeting the Sri Lankan ethnic population in UK. They offer huge savings for UK residents calling Dialog users back in Sri Lanka. However over time, more and more people in the UK became interested in the savings offered by using Dialog Vizz, so now they have a broader range of customers in the UK, not only Sri Lankans who live in the UK but also UK residents from other ethnic groups.

The most noticeable thing about Dialog Vizz is probably their pricing. They offer much lower prices compared to other known providers in the UK. For example, to get 2 hours calls and 100 texts a month, Dialog will charge you £19.80 while Three will charge you £42.20 for the same services. You can even save more with Dialog's Pay As You Go deal, not only when you make phone calls to other Dialog users, but also when you make phone calls to landlines. Finally, they also have great international rates, especially when calling to Sri Lanka.

Dialog has wide signal coverage because they are using the Vodafone network, so that is another great advantage when using their service, you can enjoy Vodafone coverage with much lower prices. There have unfortunately been some complaints that some customers have had issues with dropped calls and poor signals but these seem to be related to specific areas within built up cities. One great thing is, Dialog Vizz is taking their customers' satisfaction really seriously, their customer care is excellent and any question or complaint will be handled promptly and politely whether you contact them by phone or email.

It's so unfortunate that at the moment they haven't been able to offer any MMS services, and it's still not clear as to when they will make it available. Another disadvantage is, you still cannot top up through ATMs however, their website interface is excellent, and you can use e-vouchers, credit cards or debit cards to top up online.

Aside from the cheap pay monthly and pay as you go deals, Dialog Vizz mobile also has several special deals and bonuses. For example, on your first two top ups you will get £1 free credit. Free calls and free texts to other Dialog Vizz users will be given if you top up for at least £5. For a £5 top up you will get an extra 100 minutes and free texts to other Vizz numbers, and for £30 you will be given 2000 minutes to other Vizz numbers and unlimited free texts. There's also a free 10 MB data option if you maintain at least £2 of credit.

With all those advantages, Dialog Vizz is quite a tempting choice if you're looking for a mobile network and especially if pricing is your main consideration when choosing a mobile service provider.

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