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EE Mobile - 4G data and free text messages

If you know someone on EE (Everything Everywhere) and wish to send them a text message, you can use the website at scratchr.org to accomplish this. From the homepage, simple click the link that reads "Send an EE text online".

EE was the first provider in the UK to offer 4G across its network. With 70% coverage of the total UK population EE Mobile is the largest 4G network provider in the country. Right now EE are offering numerous 4G tariffs for both monthly mobile contracts and also SIM only. There is unfortunately, still no unlimited data plan on offer for 4G.

Having a smartphone is like owning a Ferrari, and by using a 3G network you can only drive that car 30 miles an hour max. So, by using a 4G network, you can make the most out of your smartphone and use it at the maximum possible speed. It will enable you to participate in real time video chats without lag or choppiness and enjoy some heavy multiplayer online games for example, which are impossible to plan on a slower 3G network.

In addition to their wide coverage area, EE users can have access to Wi-Fi stations on the London underground owned by Virgin Media. Today there are 137 stations available but the number keeps growing month by month.

Other extras you can enjoy by being an EE user are 2 for 1 local cinema tickets on Wednesday, money off pizzas from Pizza Express, including a £10 monthly discount on EE’s home broadband service.

EE might have the largest 4G coverage in the UK, but with 70% coverage that still means that there’s a whopping 30% of the UK population not covered by EE for 4G data. It is probably best to wait until they have far greater 4G coverage before you decide to switch to their service. Fortunately EE is claiming that they will be able to provide about 98% coverage in the next few months, so it looks like it shouldn’t be too long a wait and you’ll just have to be a little patient.

EE gives a quite low data allowance on entry level tariffs even though they always advertise the content rich potential of their 4G network. The lowest priced deal will have a limit of 100MB of data, which is really low even for a regular user. This makes streaming TV or films impossible for users that use this cheapest option.

People choose a 4G network not because they simply want a faster browsing experience, because a 3G network is already good enough for Web browsing. With 4G people are thinking about accessing rich multimedia content, downloading big data files, or as said before, to stream TV or films. So with that in mind, the cheapest rate they sell is actually pretty much useless, because in order to get the real experience with a 4G connection the consumers should buy a more expensive package.

Another bad thing about EE Mobile is sometimes they make terrible PR moves that cause many complaints from their customers. Like in March 2013, they decided to increase rates mid-contract for some of the users all of a sudden. They received so many complaints at that time that even Ofcom, the industry watchdog became involved. New rules as a result of Ofcom’s involvement mean that consumers are now entitled to walk away from mobile contracts if the network decide to up their prices.

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