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Vodafone - The First Mobile Network in The UK

Vodafone stands for Voice Data Fone and it was the very first mobile network in the UK when it was launched in 1985. Now Vodafone is operating in more than 30 countries worldwide including the UK. In the UK they are most well known for their 4G network and Pay As You Go deals. By revenues, Vodafone is the largest mobile network provider in the world, by subscribers they are the second largest.

Everybody loves choice and Vodafone gives you many options of calls, texts, and data deals. They provide 12 month plans and 30 day plans on their SIM only tariffs with many different handset brands and models available if you want to get a new phone. They also provide a mobile broadband service on Pay As You Go and monthly tariffs, so no matter where you are you can make use of Vodafone's network.

Vodafone has a great high street presence, which is well maintained and continually improved. This is something quite reassuring for existing or potential customers, as they can easily visit their stores and talk to a real person whenever they have problems with their mobile service. It's always good to be able to actually touch what we buy and also to discuss our problems and our options face to face.

Their 4G network is one of Vodafone's main selling points. They started rolling out their 4G network at the end of 2013 and in quite a short time they already cover 115 towns and cities or about 36% of the country. As their 4G network is expanding, Vodafone also offer a wide range of 4G ready handsets on SIM only tariffs.

Unfortunately, they only give you a few options of handsets on Pay As You Go. For example, you will not find iPhones on Pay As You Go tariffs and mobile phones from other manufactures are also limited. Basically you have a lot more retro choices when you opt for a Pay As You Go deal.

Even though Vodafone is progressing quite fast with their 4G coverage, when compared with EE, their competitor in the 4G marketplace, they are still pretty far behind. Right now there are still too many areas that are not yet within their 4G coverage, so if you signed up for their 4G service and you're not in their coverage area yet, you'll only get their 3G. Vodafone is targeting 98% 4G coverage by the end of 2015, but that's still many months away. Looks like they need to move a little faster or before they know it, they’ll have more competitors after a slice of the lucrative 4G pie.

Vodafone's prices are pretty average compared with other large providers, additionally they offer some pretty good freebies when you top up. Perhaps the most interesting deal they have running at the moment is the Freedom Pack. With this deal you only need to pay £10 to get more than £50 worth of calls and some very cheap texts.

Whether you choose to criticize them or not, you have to admit that Vodafone has been running for a very long time and has become the largest mobile operator in the world. They certainly must have done something right.

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